The Extraordinary Leader

You Were Born To Be

We're all extraordinary until we allow someone to convince us we're not.

- Lauren Gayl


If you’ve ever:

  • Poured significant capital into management consulting or leadership development, only to mysteriously hold back when it was time to make the recommended changes.
  • Launched game-changing initiatives with great promise, only to falter in the crucial stages of implementation.
  • Experienced a persistent gap between your lofty ambitions and your organization’s reality, affecting both your financial performance and your team’s morale.

If you aspire to:

  • Lead with unparalleled emotional intelligence, inspiring loyalty and excellence at all levels
  • Merge profitability with purpose, creating a legacy that extends beyond quarterly reports
  • Harness the full potential of your team, turning collective vision into concrete results

If these resonate with you, you’re precisely the leader Gayl Creative Arts seeks to empower.

It’s not a question of your intent or skills; it’s about the unconscious roadblocks rooted in unresolved trauma that keep you from being the game-changing leader you know you could be. These invisible barriers not only impede your growth but ripple through your teams and the organization’s overall vibrance.

At Gayl Creative Arts, we offer more than a band-aid fix. Through Chakradance, we merge time-tested spiritual insights with a modern understanding of human psychology and business dynamics. As you undergo personal chakra healing, the benefits percolate through the organization’s own ‘energy centers,’ enhancing corporate health.

Isn’t it time to step into the transformative journey you and your organization need? If so, click here.


At Gayl Creative Arts, we guide you on a transformational journey that is far beyond what traditional consulting or wellness programs offer. Through our unique Chakradance courses, we offer you the opportunity to heal yourself at the chakra level. As a leader, your personal chakra health has a ripple effect through the entire organization, impacting its vitality, innovation, and success.

Our app, Dance Celebrate Heal, gives you the flexibility to engage in this transformative process on your own terms. Set the pace for both personal and organizational change, accessing a variety of resources to continue your healing and leadership transformation, whenever you wish.

Whether you’re here for individual healing or you’re looking to foster a corporate culture that’s aligned, energized, and thriving, our approach offers you an unparalleled pathway to shatter the self-limiting beliefs and unconscious barriers that have kept you stuck. It’s not just about your personal transformation; it’s a leadership revolution that starts with you and permeates through your organization.

So, are you ready to shatter the status quo? To take your leadership and your organization to an entirely new dimension? If yes, then Gayl Creative Arts is here to guide you on this transformative journey. If so, click here.


At the core of Gayl Creative Arts is the transformative power of Chakradance, a holistic approach that directly interacts with your subconscious mind—responsible for a staggering 95% of your decisions, actions, and behaviors.

Here’s the crucial insight: unresolved trauma and emotional baggage aren’t just personal issues; they are leadership issues. These impediments are stored in your chakras, the energy centers that significantly influence your physical, emotional, and mental well-being. Through Chakradance, we use a triad of vibrational medicine, movement therapy, and energy healing to dissolve and heal these barriers, empowering you to lead from a place of clarity, not trauma.

Picture a highly customized session where chakra-specific music and guided meditation combine to offer direct access to your subconscious. This isn’t just therapy; it’s alchemy. The resonant frequencies align with each chakra, initiating a deep-rooted healing process that dismantles old patterns and unlocks your full leadership potential.

And we don’t stop there. The creation of personal mandala art provides an additional, profound way to articulate and integrate these insights, making the transformative energy a lived daily experience.

The outcome? A leadership style revolution. As your chakras become unblocked and energy flows freely, you’ll experience not just balance but a heightened form of resilience and strategic insight. This is leadership aligned with your authentic self, stripped of self-imposed limitations.

In the business context, this isn’t merely self-improvement; it’s organizational transformation. By integrating Chakradance into the corporate environment, we amplify not just individual potential, but collective efficacy. The result is a tangible uptick in productivity, communication, and overall employee morale and engagement.

In essence, Chakradance isn’t just a healing modality; it’s a leadership catalyst. We’re offering you an invitation to an unparalleled journey towards leading—and living—authentically.

Are you prepared to unlock the next level of your leadership capabilities? Your pathway through Chakradance is both clear and compelling. If so, click here.


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Natalie Southgate

Founder of Chakradance


Chakradance to Heal Your Life

This course is the beginning of your chakra healing journey. Through guided meditations, chakra specific music, movement, and mandala art you will release stuck energy from past trauma, free yourself of limiting beliefs, and reclaim your personal power.

Leadership Alchemy

This course will radically transform your life. You will release ancestral patterns, cords of conditioning, and past life contracts as you step into the next level of your personal and spiritual growth.

Coming in 2024 …

Mantra Dance

Each chakra has a specific mantra sound and in this program, you will be guided into chanting and dancing 7 chakras / mantras. When the chakra mantra sounds are danced and moved through the body, to our signature chakra resonant soundscapes this is amplified throughout your entire being: Body, Mind and Spirit.

Bonus in all 9-Month Courses


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