Hello, I’m Lauren Gayl, the visionary behind Gayl Creative Arts. I wear many hats: business owner, chakra healer, and dedicated mentor, just to name a few. My journey is one of transformation, from running small businesses and providing consulting to hundreds of small-to-midsize companies, to a profound personal metamorphosis through Chakradance.

My Transformation
I was once like many of the leaders I work with, full of ambition, constantly seeking improvement, but also mysteriously paralyzed when it came to making critical changes. Through Chakradance, I discovered that past trauma was the invisible force holding me back. Once I identified and released these underlying patterns, a more powerful, effective, and genuine form of leadership emerged from within me. This revelation shaped my new mission: to help other leaders break free from their self-imposed limitations and step into their extraordinary potential.

My Mission
The core of my work today lies in integrating Chakradance into the business world. My goal is to support leaders at various levels—especially those in the C-suite or VP roles—in companies of 10-200 employees. I am passionate about helping you let go of self-sabotaging behaviors and self-limiting beliefs caused by past traumas. I believe that until those traumas are addressed and healed, you are leading from a place of restriction, not inspiration.

My Approach
I combine deep business insights with Chakradance, a transformative healing modality, to provide a truly holistic service. My mantra, “you can’t make it until you are willing to break it,” is born not only from my personal experience of breaking through barriers but also from the laborious and reflective process of building a 900 sq. ft. tile mosaic labyrinth in my backyard. The 2+ years I spent on this project, including the hundreds of tiles I needed to break to create the thousands of tiles I needed to set, was a tangible and deeply symbolic act that echoed my philosophy: destruction and creation are two sides of the same coin.

Outside The Office
When I’m not facilitating transformative experiences for business leaders, you’ll find me walking my labyrinth…which serves as a meditative sanctuary and testament to the power of transformation. I regularly Chakradance myself or share 5rhythms dancing with friends in my home studio and am often immersed in art projects of some sort (No more labyrinths though!!). One of my newest pursuits is training my puppy Beaux to communicate using buttons, a delightful endeavor that echoes my core belief in the limitless potential of all beings.

Lauren Gayl

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