Chakra Based Essential Oils

These custom formulated chakra essential oils were designed specifically to support and enhance your Chakradance journey back to JOY.

The pure oils in the 5ml bottles can be used in a diffuser or humidifier while you are dancing and can also be used in a variety of essential oil bracelets, pendants & rings. They are not meant to be used on your body. To preserve the scent of your chakra oils over time we recommend you store them in the refrigerator.

The 10ml rollers are for your body. Use them on your wrists, throat, or forehead and allow the healing scent to radiate through and around you.

All prices for Gayl Creative Arts custom formulated  Chakra Based Essential Oils include tax and shipping.


Coriander – promotes feelings of security and earthly connections
Ginger – promotes feelings of security and is grounding
Clary Sagesteadiness and grounding
Patchouli promotes inner unity, realigning body, mind, and spirit; grounds and connects us with our sense of being.


Coriander increases creativity and passion
Carrot Seed seed energy – new beginnings, creation
Cardamom – seed energy – new beginnings, creation, heat
Ginger increases sexual desire
Mandarin (Green) promotes creativity and our ability to enjoy life
Patchouli spiritualizes sexuality; facilitates enjoyment of the senses, awakens creativity
Vetiver used to ground the senses
Ylang, Ylang promotes sexuality, helps unite our emotional and sexual natures.


Cardamom strengthens courage and willpower, promotes creativity
Cedarwood Atlas strengthens confidence and willpower
Coriander strengthens courage and willpower, promotes creativity
Geranium helps us gain control over our lives
Lime freshens the blend
Patchouli promotes creativity
Petitgrain promotes a healthy self esteem.


Bergamot supports self-love.  Opens the heart and allows love to radiate. Especially good for grief.
Frankincense resin oil for healing heart wounds.
Ho Wood sustainable replacement for Rose Wood which is extinct.  One of the most relaxing oils out there, where the tree has been cut open a heart appears.
Lavender calms and soothes the emotions of the heart.  Promotes compassion.
Neroli eases grief, helps us experience joyful love and opens the heart.
Palma Rosa comforts the heart and relieves emotional clinging.
Rose promotes love, especially when the heart is wounded by grief.  Soothing and harmonizing.


Geranium increases capacity to listen and communicate intimately
German Chamomile allows one to express truth calmly and without anger
Orange promotes uninhibited communication
Patchouli helps one to speak truth to self
Rosalina helps one to speak the truth
Rose Geranium all the assistance of geranium plus the heart energy of rose
Rosemary helps one to speak the truth
Sandalwood helps one express spiritual truth


Clary Sage increases dreaming, strengthens our intuition, inspires
Cedarwood clears and calms the mind; promotes a calm meditative state
Grapefruit promotes mental clarity, focuses consciousness, opens, and strengthens intuition
Juniper Berry assists clairvoyance used for altruistic reasons; dispels mental stagnation
Rosemary promotes clear thoughts, insights and understanding.


Bergamot Mint encourages a higher connection
Ho Wood encourages a higher connection
Juniper Berry helps us connect with and act from our highest ideals
Lime promotes spiritual growth
Neroli promotes direct communication with spiritual guides
Patchouli encourages a higher connection
Rose promotes a sense of spiritual connection
Sandalwood promotes deep meditation. Encourages states of higher consciousness
Tulis (Holy Basil) creates a feeling of expansion and clarity.

Box of all 7 10ml chakra oil rollers – $199.95

Oil energetic description: Battaglia, S. (2020). Aromatherapy and chakras: Balancing your body’s energy centres for Optimal Health and Wellbeing. Black Pepper Creative Pty Ltd.

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